BNSF Signals Quizzer

BEGIN QUIZ: This quiz can either display all aspects for a given rule/indication in a group or display each signal individually. The quiz will ask for the rule number, signal name, and indication for each group or signal. The correct answer for each must be identified before being allowed to proceed. Incorrect answers will be marked red and tallied. A summary of your performance will be presented when the quiz is over as well as a list of signals identified incorrectly.

REVIEW: This displays all signal aspects and indications.


DISCLAIMER: Although I strived to make this as realistic as possible, no guarantee is made in respect to the correctness of this information or of it being the most current or accurate information available. This is intended only for amusement purposes and was created as a personal hobby project reflecting my interests in rail signaling and programming. This should not be used for real-world training or as a legitimate reference in safety-critical applications.

Tested and known to work with FireFox 7.0+, Opera 11.52+, and Chrome 15.0+.