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CICS Map Generator

Project Type: Webpage
Project Link: https://www.transvec.com/cics/
Initial Release/Completion Date: August 2016
Technologies Used: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, JQuery
Tags: Programming Tool

If you've seen my COBOL Working Storage Generator, then this is a similar concept to help out with another tedious chore of mainframe development: writing/editing the CICS map assembly macro code for CICS programs. Like some other mainframe languages (I'm looking at you COBOL), the assembly macro code is tedious to write, and finicky about line continuation and the colum number certain elements of the code must start on.

This tool generates the map code on-the-fly as fields are placed by clicking on the grid (which represents a 3270 emulator screen). Fields can be moved by dragging, and resized too. The tool automatically keeps the resulting code updated, accounting for the attribute byte on every field. Default text is inserted into the generated code correctly, automatically handling line continuation rules for string literals.

This tool can also parse CICS map code. This is really useful if you have an existing map that you want to edit. Just paste the existing code in, click 'parse from source', and the grid is updated to match