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Aircraft Limits and EP Quizzer

Project Type: Webpage
Project Link: https://www.transvec.com/5and9/th67/
Initial Release/Completion Date: February 2009
Technologies Used: HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Tags: Freelance, Personal, Learning/Memorization Tool

During my time in flight training, I identified a need for a tool to help learn large amounts of aircraft operational limits and emergency procedures (EPs) that must be memorized. We were tested on these weekly and had to accurately 'fill in the blanks' on a test consisting of a random selection of these limits and EPs

The quizzer simulates this test and tracks your accuracy and the number of questions you get wrong or skip. At the end of a round, a review is presented so you know what you need to improve on

The blanks are automatically parsed from a javascript file containing the questions and answers text. This definition file can be re-used for various different airframes. Other student pilots even started assisting with writing the definitions files for their particular airframe, so now the quizzer works for 5 different airframes.

This was written years ago, while I was still learning JavaScript and before jQuery and HTML5 were around. The code could be prettier, but these are still being used by student pilots that find them useful