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TH-67 Aircraft Systems Review

How to use:
Simply use the form to the left to tailor the review to your liking. You can review all of the check on learning questions from the student handout, or you may also choose to review only certain topics. This is helpful if you haven't yet reviewed all the topics in class. The quiz is based on the order of appearance of the check on learning questions found in the TH-67 Aircraft Systems student handout.

Show All:
This button opens a list of all the TH-67 aircraft systems check on learning questions with the correct answers highlighted. Use this to determine question numbers if you would like to set your own range for the quiz or simply to do some on-the-spot reviewing.

The Quiz:
Once you've started the quiz, simply fill in the blanks and click "Continue" or hit enter to submit. If you get a blank wrong, it will be highlighted and you will be prompted to try again. If you don't have a clue, you can skip the question if you'd like. It will be counted wrong and the next question will be presented to you. If you're curious as to what the correct answers are before skipping the question, click "Give Up" - This will fill all the blanks with the correct answers. The progress bar keeps track of how far along you are to answering all of the selected questions. In addition to representing overall progress, it is also color-coded to represent the current percentage of questions you've answered correctly on the first attempt (green), questions you've answered correctly after multiple attempts (yellow), and questions that were skipped (red). If the green portion of the progress bar reaches the green range at the end, you've scored at least a 90%. A running total of the number of questions you've missed is also presented along with a current percentage score. This is what your final score will be if you answer the rest of the questions correctly on the first attempt. Once the quiz is complete, you will be presented with a summary of your performance that shows you the correct answers to all the questions asked of you along with highlighting the questions you missed so you know what to study.

Tips and Hints for Best Results:

  • If you forget to put a comma in numbers over 1,000 (as printed in the -10) or .0 after values where one exists in the -10, these won't count against you (i.e. 3350 and 3,350 are both marked correct. 4 and 4.0 are both marked correct.)
  • Blanks are not case sensitive - upper or lower case words will work just fine.
  • Abbreviations are exactly as they appear in the check on learning questions in the student handout.
  • Don't enter units such as % or °C or whatever - they're already there. If you have the patience to figure out how to type out a ° symbol, more power to you but if you put it in a blank, you'll get it wrong
  • Only one word per blank. Form numbers with dashes count as one word (i.e. 2408-13-1 shall be entered in one blank).
  • Numbers under 10 may either be entered as digits or spelled out (i.e. if student handout spells out "two", 2 or two will be marked correct and vice versa)
  • Use the tab key or spacebar to jump from blank to blank quickly. You can use enter instead of clicking on the "Continue" button to submit your answers.
Technical Info and Disclaimer:
This was written and tested on IE7. If you're running something else or - heaven forbid - attempting to use a mac - I don't have a clue if it's going to work or not. I don't have 50 different browsers and operating systems installed on my computer to test this with. So, if you've got IE5 or higher you're good-to-go. Anything else - results may vary.

Standalone Version:
A standalone version of this review will be available shortly.

Contact Me:
I'm always open to suggestions and comments and I'll try to fix issues and make improvements as time permits. Also, if you have other ideas for other -10 or study guides that you would like in this format, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Email me at: [email protected].

Good luck on the tests!


Update Tracker:
23SEP08 - Initial version released utilizing a modified script adapted from the TH-67 interactive 5 and 9 review which can be accessed here:

25SEP08 - Numbers from 0-10 may be entered as digits or spelled out (i.e. 2 or two) and will marked correct as long as input is the correct answer regardless of what format is used in the student handout.

10OCT08 - Fixed bug causing errors when decimals under 10 were entered (i.e. 4.5).

26MAR08 - Fixed bug causing questions not asked during quiz to appear in summary and vice versa.

TH-67 Aircraft Systems Review

By Ryli Dunlap

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